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iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

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·      Revolutionary: Dual-infrared lasers revolutionize 3D data acquisition, seamlessly catering to diverse applications and daily demands.

·       Consistent: Whether scanning humans or objects, indoors or outdoors, these lasers deliver precise and smooth results consistently.

·       Efficient: Advanced technology ensures unparalleled accuracy, enabling efficient data capture in various environments with ease.

·       Versatile and User-Friendly: Their versatility allows for seamless integration into existing systems, enhancing productivity and reliability across industries.

·       Adaptable: With their robust performance, dual-infrared lasers offer a reliable solution for high-quality 3D data acquisition in dynamic settings.


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iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

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Professional 3D Scanner with Dual-light, Safe and Comfortable

iReal M Series Color 3D Scanner (M stands for Master) is a brand-new professional 3D scanner series launched by SCANTECH.

Its infrared laser and structured-light modes enable smooth 3D data acquisition in different applications, be it scanning humans or objects, inside or outside.

iReal M brings professional 3D digitization solutions to 3D engineers, 3D designers, and scientific researchers to fulfill their demands of industrial design, art design, medical design, human body digitization, etc.

iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

iReal M3 can fulfill the demand of 3D data acquisition of multiple sizes and materials in various scenes thanks to its dual infrared lasers. Its infrared VCSEL and infrared parallel laser, which have respectively passed the safety standards, pose no harm to human eyes. Those two light sources are invisible and can bring more friendly and comfortable scanning experiences.

iReal M3 adopts two kinds of fill lights, which can be controlled individually. The invisible infrared fill light can enhance marker recognition and black material adaptability, while the LED fill light can enhance the brightness of color alignment.

Strong Performance

iReal M3 features a basic accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, and a volumetric accuracy of up to 0.25 mm/m. It can meet needs of capturing 3D data in quasi-industrial scenes for various scenes.

With a resolution of up to 0.1 mm, iReal M3 can reconstruct high-resolution geometric structures and capture fine details of edges, easily handling scanning tasks for objects over 5 cm.

iReal M3’s scanning rate is as high as 60 fps, which greatly improves scanning efficiency so that engineers can get high-quality 3D data quickly.

Adaptability on Dark and Light Color

Compared to colored lasers, infrared light sources (invisible light) are absorbed relatively less when projected onto the surface of different colors. Thus, the New iReal M3, paired with infrared lights, is more adaptable to 3D scanning objects with rich colors.

With strong material adaptability, it is capable of 3D scanning industrial parts, automotive exteriors and interiors with black and reflective surfaces.

Multi-industry Applications

iReal M3 color 3D scanner infrared laser and structured-light modes enable smooth 3D data acquisition in multiple applications, be it humans or objects, inside or outside. iReal M brings professional and highly cost-effective 3D digitization solutions to fulfill their demands of industrial design, art design, medical design, human body digitization, etc.

Industrial Design, Engineering Design

3D Body Scanning

Art and Design

3D Model Analysis

Scientific Research and Education

iReal 3D Mapping Software

High-precision and True-color 3D Texture Mapping Solution

iReal 3D offers relatively complete third-party commercial software supporting solutions in three main applications: high-precision, real-color 3D data acquisition, reverse engineering design, and 3D measurement analysis.

High-precision and True-color 3D Data Archiving and 3D Display: iReal 3D Mapping is used to map the multi-angle photos taken by mobile phones/SLRs to the 3D scanning model through an intelligent and semi-automatic process to obtain a high-precision, high-definition, real-color 3D model.

Reverse Engineering: Complementary software Geomagic Design X, QUICKSURFACE, Mesh2Surface add-in

3D Measurements and Analysis: Complementary software GOM Inspect, GOM Inspect Pro, Geomagic Control X

Light SourcesInfrared Parallel Laser Lines; Infrared VCSEL Structured Light 
Technology7 Infrared Parallel Laser Lines; Infrared Linear-array Structured Light (Speckle)
Safety of LasersEN 60825 Class I Certificate (Eye-safe)
Safety of LED LightingEN 62471 Photobiological Safety Certificate
Ability to Capture TextureYes
Rapid Scan ModeFeature/Mixed/Texture Alignments
High-accuracy Scan Mode (on Object)Markers Alignment
Human Body ScanningInvisible Light Scanning; Hair Scanning; Adapt to Dark Working; Environments; Automatically Remove the Layers of Body Shaking
Scanning RangeEffective Scanning Distance Range: 280-1000 mm (11.0 ~ 39.4 in)

Max. Scanning Speed Up to60 FPS; 15 FPS
Basic AccuracyUp to 0.1 mm (0.0039 in)
Output Formats.stl, .obj, .ply, .asc, .igs, .txt, .mk2, .umk and etc.
The Ability for 3D PrintingYes
Built-in Camera Pixel1.3 MP
Working Temperature Range-10~40℃ (14℉-104℉)
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Scanner Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 140×94×258 mm (5.5 × 3.7 × 10.2 in); 

Weight: 856 g (1.9 lb)

Power Source

INPUT: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz; 

OUTPUT: 24=3.75A, 90W MAX

CertificationsCE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, RoHS, EN 60825, EN 62471, WEEE

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