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iReal 2E COLOR 3D SCANNER 2022

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iReal 2E 3D body scanner maximizes the performance in depth of field, scanning area, algorithm, texture reproduction and detail capturing, specially designed for medium to large-sized objects and human body 3D scanning.

iReal 2E 3D body scanner adopts the infrared VCSEL structured light technology to bring you the safest and most comfortable 3D scanning experience. Without attaching markers, a quick texture capturing and geometry acquisition can be achieved. Mixed alignment modes meet various scanning situations.

With the advantages of cutting-edge algorithm functions, easy-to-use software, ergonomic design, portable and durable, iReal 2E 3D body scanner creates an efficient, accurate and rich texture 3D color measurement solution.

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Effortless Smooth

Flexible and smooth 3D scanning at medium to large-sized objects due to 580 mm x 550 mm scanning area and 720 mm depth of field.

Invisible Light 3D Experience

Red VCSEL structured light brings you the safest and most comfortable 3D scanning experience, eliminating the issues of dazzling lights and difficulty of hair scanning.

Super HD Texture Capturing

With its HD color reproduction, iReal 2E 3D body scanner deeply fulfills the visual experience of texture capturing in various fields.

Ultra-fast Data Collection

By using the brand-new 3D sensor, iReal 2E 3D body scanner delivers an efficient data acquisition with a measurement rate of 1,500,000 points/s.

Optimized Algorithm

Rapid texture capturing and geometry acquisition without markers, strengthen the ability to capture reflective textures, mixed alignment modes meet various scanning situations.

3D Digital Solution 

Body scan

Customization and re-creation of artistic portraits (bronze portraits, 3D printed portraits, sculptural portrait scene reproduction, etc.)

Film, video, game, VR, AR and other CG character modeling (can be combined with motion capture system)

Medical rehabilitation (spine orthopedics, neck brace, prosthesis, arm immobilizer, orthopedic helmet, etc.)

Human body parts customization (clothing customization, film and television armor customization, etc.)

Art design

Medium and large sculptures (stone sculptures, urban sculptures, foam sculptures, clay sculptures, etc.)

Cultural relics (statues, parts of relics, parts of ancient buildings)

College art training, Clothing design,creative design, and derivative product development, etc.

More application exploration

ar mat, luggage rack customization

Furniture three-dimensional display auxiliary modeling (such as sofa) Data acquisition for 3D printing,etc.

Digital acquisition analysis

Plant growth morphology analysis (trunks and potted plants)

Forensic identification (measurement of human trauma area, footprint identification)

Medical diagnosis (spine correction screening)

3D comparative analysis of local body shape changes Monitoring and analysis of cultural relic morphology

Technical Specifications


iReal 2E

Light source

Infrared VCSEL structured light




CLASS І (eye-safe)


Infrared linear-array structured light

Color reproduction

24 bit

Alignment mode without markers

Texture/feature/mixed alignments

Human body scanning

Invisible light/hair/dark environment scanning; automatically remove the layers of body shaking

Optimal scanning distance

350 mm ~ 650 mm

Effective working range

280 mm ~ 1000 mm

Scanning area

Up to 580 mm x 550 mm

Measurement rate

Up to 1,500,000 points/s

Point distance

0.200 mm ~ 3 mm

Basic Accuracy

Up to 0.100 mm

Alignment accuracy①

Up to 0.300 mm/m

Output formats


3D printing


Work temperature

0 ~ 40℃

Interface mode

USB 3.0


850 g


140 mm × 94 mm × 258 mm


3 sets of invisible light sources; 3 camera groups; 3 sets of auxiliary lights

① It supports maker point splicing. The deviation value (Alignment Accuracy) is calculated by measuring the center of the standard sphere under marker point splicing mode.

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