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TrackScan-P42 3D System

TrackScan-P42 3D system adopts intelligent optical tracking measurement technology and high-quality optical equipment. It carries out ultra-high precision dynamic 3D measurement without markers. This 3D system is widely applied to quality control, product development, reverse engineering, etc.

By freely switching multiple working modes, TrackScan-P42 caters to different scanning situations. Three scanning modes enable a variety of scene scans.

The equipped wireless portable CMM T-Probe delivers flexible measurement and precisely captures high-precision 3D data of gaps, hole positions, grooves and complex surface. By working with robot-arm, TrackScan-P series can also realize intelligent online automated 3D inspection.

Intelligent Tracking Without Markers

With intelligent optical tracking measurement, TrackScan-P42 3D system delivers instant scanning without markers, greatly improving work efficiency and decreasing cost.

Unrivaled-fast & Detail-maker

Up to 17 crossed blue laser lines enable ultra-fast scanning rate of up to 1,900,000 measurements/s and smooth experience. 7 parallel blue laser lines work for detail capturing. Single blue laser line aims to fast obtain 3D data of deep holes and dead angle positions.

Strong Anti-interference Capability

Easily capture 3D data for shiny and black surface, strong anti-interference capability of environment, vibrations and thermal variations.

Wireless Portable CMM

Portable CMM T-Probe is designed for getting precise 3D data of holes and hidden points, with high single point repeatability of 0.030 mm.

Tech Specs



Scan mode

Ultra-fast scanning

  17 blue laser crosses

Hyperfine mode B

7 blue parallel laser lines

Deep hole scanning

1 extra blue laser line

Laser lines in total



Up to 0.025 mm

Measurement rate

Up to 1,900,000 measurements/s

Scanning area

Up to 500 mm × 600 mm

Laser class

ClassⅡ (eye-safe)


0.020 mm

Volumetric accuracy

10.4 m³

0.064 mm

18.0 m³

0.078 mm

Volumetric accuracy

(With MSCAN-L15 photogrammetry system )

0.044 mm + 0.015 mm/m

Portable CMM T-Probe



Single point repeatability

0.030 mm

Part size range (recommended)

200 ~ 6000 mm

Stand-off distance

300 mm

Depth of field

400 mm

Output formats

.stl, .ply, .obj, .igs, wrl, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .asc or customized

Operating temperature range

-10 °C ~ 40 °C

Interface mode

USB 3.0


CN204329903U, CN104501740B, CN104165600B, CN204988183U, CN204854633U, CN204944431U, CN204902788U, CN105068384B, CN105049664B, CN204902784U, CN204963812U, CN204902785U, CN204902790U, CN106403845B, CN209197685U, CN209263911U, CN106500627B, CN106500628B, CN206132003U, CN211121096U, US10309770B2, KR102096806B1, EP3392831A4

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