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Transcan C 3D Scanner

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The Transcan C is a professional 3D scanner for use in various industries.

A 3D scanner that provides very high resolutions and accurate scans of objects of different sizes. It uses structured light and a white LED light source. The scanner offers multiple scanning areas and uses a professional 12-megapixel camera. This enables it to create detailed and colorful 3D models that are an authentic digital representation of the object.


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Transcan C 3D Scanner

Transcan C 3D Scanner

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In one project, it is possible to switch between three resolution levels, resulting in better efficiency without losing details. With its slide rail design, the Transcan C can switch the scanning area between 150 x 96 mm (inside position) and 300 x 190 mm (outside position) to capture objects of different sizes. It operates with an accuracy of 0.035 mm at the inside position and 0.05 mm at the outside position.

Multi-Resolution Fusion

The Multi-Resolution Fusion algorithm allows a mix of 3 resolution levels (high, medium or low) in one project for complex scanning tasks, greatly improving efficiency without duplication.

High color fidelity

Two 12 MP color cameras are installed to capture a detailed 24-bit color map that replicates the authentic color of the physical object. Transcan C is the ideal solution for capturing color 3D data for virtual rendering.

Ready-to-use dual scan area

The slide rail design allows easy switching of the scanning area between 150 mm x 96 mm and 300 mm x 190 mm, meeting the requirements for effective scanning of objects of different sizes.

Reproduction of micro details

The minimum dot pitch can be up to

0.0375 mm (resolution)

to reproduce fine details on the surface in the inner position of 150 mm x 96 mm

High precision scan data

The compact design of the scanner enables high accuracy of 0.035 mm at the inner position and 0.05 mm at the outer position. These results are valuable for many measurement applications.

Intelligent operation

The scanning process is fully automatic with the rotary table. In combination with the stitching algorithm of the scan software, this ensures efficient acquisition of 3D data without manual intervention.

The software interface guides the user through a simple operating process while providing powerful tools for easy optimization of scan results.


  • Light source: White LED light
  • Calibration mode: Manual calibration
  • Scan mode: Structured light scan with automatic turntable
  • Scan area: 150 mm x 96 mm 丨300 mm x 190 mm
  • Single shot accuracy: 0.035 mm丨0.05 mm
  • Scan speed: <70 s (8 scans/rev without texture); <3 s (single shot without texture)
  • Texture color: RGB 24-bit color
  • Texture capture method: Fully automatic softlight capture
  • Texture map: 12 megapixel, high color fidelity
  • Alignment mode: mark alignment; feature alignment; manual alignment
  • Working distance: 260 mm 丨480 mm
  • Point spacing: 0.0375 mm;0.075 mm;0.114 mm 丨0.075 mm;0.154 mm;0.23 mm
  • Data Format: OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY,3MF
  • Working temperature: Indoor, room temperature
  • System: Win10; 64-bit
  • Recommended computer configuration: graphics card: NVIDIA GTX/RTX series cards, higher or equal to GeForce RTX 1060; video memory: ≥4 G; processor: I7-8700; memory: 32 GB.
  • Size: host module: 332 mm x 110 mm x 142 mm (machine-only size) stand components: 475 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm (machine-only size) turntable module: 320 mm x 320 mm x 68 mm (machine-only size)
  • Weight: Host module: 2.74 KG (net weight) Stand assembly: 2.165 KG (net weight) Rotary table module: 2.008 KG (net weight)
  • Maximum turntable load capacity: ≤10 KG.
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